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The Domaine

A wine growing estate since the 12th century. Different land plot with unique specificities: Cotâ Grand Claude, Clos de la Gravière, la Guette Haute and the Sous les plantes parcel

This plots diversity permits to the Domaine Chateau de Vivers produce high quality Chardonnay, and thus an excellent Chablis white wine

Château de Viviers bouteille de Chablis

In order to respect the terroir and the quality of the raw material, we reduce our interventions during the vinification and the maturing of the wine. The trust we have in nature leads us to observe and watch our wine rather than to make it. After careful selection of the grapes, they are pressed slowly to ensure the extraction of the most qualitative juices. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are carried out entirely by the indigenous yeasts and lactic bacteria of our terroir.

What we also do:

  • Limit inputs while ensuring a high quality wine.
  • Use of micro-organisms from the terroir.
  • Use a limited and reasoned doses of sulphur to ensure the quality and ageing of the wine.
  • Use of barrels and vats.
  • Give wine the time it needs (fermentations, maturation, etc.).
  • Spread our practices.
Organic Viticulture and Oenology

W h a t i s a n o r g a n i c w i n e ?

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Vines sponsorship

B e c o m e a f i n e c o n n a i s s e u r a n d s p o n s o r o f o n e o r m o r e v i n e p l a n t s

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Adopt one or more organic vine plants and live the unique winegrower’s experience by following your vines, from their planting to the tasting of “your” wine at the historic château of Viviers.

An original wedding, Christmas or birthday gift: offer the sponsorship of organic vine plants and help protect nature and the Earth.


Wines of the Domaine

2 0 2 0 o u r f i r s t o r g a n i c w i n e

The whole of Château de Viviers has been in conversion to organic production since January 2020 and we apply, among other things, the principles of biodynamics
The 2020 cuvee is our first biodynamic vintage ensuring an exceptional wine quality.
Friends Wines

W e r e c o m m e n d t h e s e w i n e

We recommend a selection of biodynamic red wines that we loved, made by exceptional winemakers.

G u i d e d t o u r s a n d t a s t i n g s

We offer you the opportunity to visit the cellars of the Château de Viviers estate, to do tastings and to learn all about wine and biodynamics.

Book your degustation and guided tour

Come and discover Château de Viviers ‘s vibe, visit vineyards and enjoy quality time in nature before tasting excellent wine. Joy at your fingertips!