F r e n c h " a r t d e v i v r e "

Isabelle offers you her exclusive creations, true works of art, and puts her talents and resources at your service!

Isabelle, designer and interior architect

I s a b e l l e , d e s i g n e r a n d i n t e r i o r a r c h i t e c t

Born in Flanders, Isabelle grew up in an eclectic context with the Mediterranean Sea as her background. With her adventurous parents, brothers and sister, she crossed Europe to land in the tumultuous country of Lebanon. Painting and the sea soon replaced the notebooks on days when school was closed and it was towards interior design that she turned.


After working for a number of years with the largest Belgian and French architectural firms, Isabelle, who is fascinated by the art de la table, returned to her first love: painting on textiles and ceramics.


The influence of Lebanon and Tunisia marks her work with colour and light. The shapes and textures reflect her training as an interior designer.

After a long stay in Brussels, with her husband Arnould, they decided to take over the family wine estate in the Chablis region, and it is there that she set up her new workshop.

With passion and refinement, Isabelle offers you her collections and puts her talents at your disposition to personalize your interior or your tables. She offers you a complete service: from tablecloths to plates, including dishes, decorations, personalized curtains, etc.

H a n d m a d e a r t d e l a t a b l e

French refinement!


For you, in exclusivity, Isabelle creates an atmosphere, a unique experience: tablecloths matching your interior or your table service, complete table services in porcelain,  vases and services in ceramic. All these unique hand made pieces matching your desire, your colours, your compositions.

Isabelle is an professionnal in interior design and decoration advice

I n t e r i o r d e s i g n a n d d e c o r a t i o n a d v i c e

My job for more than 30 years!

With some advice in interior design or “home staging”, I help you to rearrange, restructure, redecorate your interior, your home, your shop, your restaurant, …

You don’t need a big budget to recreate a style or to modernize a place.

H a n d p a i n t e d c u r t a i n s a n d t e x t i l e s



From the theme and the environment to the design and the colour: a whole alchemy to dress up your windows and your interior.


Curtains and textiles perfectly adapted to your interior, according to your colours, the spirit of the room, the style, a real collaborative project: we will create this project together…”

Clos de la Gravière - Chateau de viviers - chablis
Organic sweets

O r g a n i c s w e e t s

Isabelle cooks up a number of organic delicacies, most of which you will have the opportunity to taste at breakfast at the Château: honey from the Viviers beehive, jams made with fruit from the garden and other surprises… a real treat!