W e l c o m e t o D o m a i n e d u C h â t e a u d e V i v i e r s

The domaine, the château

A q u e s t o f e x e l l e n c e o f n e a r l y 8 0 0 y e a r s !

At the end of the 12th century the Benedictine monks of the Saint Michel Abbey in Tonnerre developed vineyards, probably already Chardonnay, on the very promising slopes of Viviers and built a cellar with a Romanesque chapel.
In 1399, the very powerful Budé family, the King’s notary, bought the Domaine of Viviers, already renowned for its wine, and built a square stronghold becomming the headquarters of its Burgundian wine trade. 

The Wine of Viviers was served at Versailles and at Louis XIV and Louis XV ‘s weddings.

In 1628, the castle was rebuilt and the current beautiful classical stone façade was inaugurated.

Just before the First World War, phylloxera (a parasite) and gambling debts ended the viticultural life of Château de Viviers for almost 70 years.

In the early 1980’s, the parents of the current owner, Bernard and Brigitte Lefébure, decided to replant the grounds with the help of Albert Bichot, who received the lease and decided to make it his luxury Chablis brand .

In October 2019, after 25 years in Brussels, Arnould and Isabelle took over the property, which was immediately converted to organic and biodynamic farming to continue their quest for excellence.

Our wine

O r g a n i c a n d b i o d y n a m i c

Les vins du Château de Viviers

The domain seeks to produce wines of excellence and is multiplying its efforts to produce quality, reflecting the extraordinary terroirs of Viviers, located at altitude (on average 300 m, 100m higher and cooler than Chablis). Its location on the Kimmeridgian edges of the Paris basin corresponds to ancient beaches where a considerable number of fossils, ammonites and  Ostrea Virgula can be found. Our wine reflect  this search for quality through 4 sortings carried out in pre-harvest, during the harvest and in the vat room. Production is reduced for more concentration – in 2020, for example, it was only 12-13hl/ha (far below the authorised 60Hl/ha) . The vinification is partially or totally carried out in oak barrels from the centre of France, taking our time, during 10 months to almost 2 years following the cuvées. We produce slow wines! 

Vine sponsorship

L i v e a u n i q u e w i n e g r o w e r e x p e r i e n c e : a d o p t a g r a p e v i n e

Making excellent organic wine, promoting biodiversity and offsetting our carbon footprint are challenges that are as complex as exciting. Though economically difficult, these challenges are tremendously satisfying. That’s why I invite you to share with Isabelle and I our Burgundian life project by adopting vine plant. These plants, all of massal origin, i.e. not cloned, will be planted on the historical exceptional plots of land of Château de Viviers, cultivated organically and biodynamically, and will soon ensure the perfect conditions for fauna and flora development .


N e w s


O u r D o m a i n

Welcome to the domain of Château de Viviers. Discover and taste our excellent wines, stay in the Château’s guesthouse, marvel at Isabelle’s artistic creations and savory organic delicacies.

You are welcome at Château de Viviers.
Arnould and Isabelle believe that they are only custodians of the Château de Viviers and its rich history. So they decided to open the most beautiful wood panneled rooms of the chateau, as guesthouse to allow everyone to live a unique experience of French refinement in the middle of a preserved site and in the heart of one of the most beautiful Burgundy regions.
Reception and hospitality are part of Arnould and Isabelle’s DNA!

Guest houses

S p e n d a s t a y a t t h e C h â t e a u d e V i v i e r s

The French “art de vivre” means taking  time to indulge oneself with refinement, to read by the fire, to dine on fine historical porcelain or porcelain created by Isabelle, to walk through a landscape where the flora and fauna are still protected, to enjoy a good glass of wine or a fresh fruit juice and to rest far from the hustle and bustle of city.

French "Art de vivre"

D i s c o v e r I s a b e l l e ' s u n i q u e c r e a t i o n s

The Domaine du Château de Viviers is a community of many people, the team (Suzanne, Domingo, Brandon, Isabelle, Arnould, the trainees), the experts surrounding us (Hubert, Elisa, Philippe, Naomi, Arthur, Benoît,…), and more than 100 of vine plant godfathers and godmothers, who help us, each in his or her own way, in our quest for excellence. In return, they regularly receive privileged information on the life of the domain, the possibility of coming to spend a day there to learn about pruning, work in the vineyards or in the cellar, participate in the harvest, have privileged tastings or take part in “VIP” events in an atmosphere of mutual joy.

Becoming a vine sponsor makes you a “Good Friend of Viviers” but most of all you will be part of a passionate community, growing your knowledge about wine day after day.

Good Friends of Viviers

F r i e n d s o f C h â t e a u d e V i v i e r s c l u b


F o r y o u r o r d e r s

For your orders or reservations, do not hesitate to contact Arnould and Isabelle who will quickly answer all your questions.

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